What To Do In Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne


Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is located South of Melbourne Victoria, surrounded by the popular Port Phillip, Western Port and Bass Strait. With national beauties, outdoor activities, water sports and small towns it makes it a great base for exploring. There is definitely a fair amount of activities jam-packed into this small peninsula. It is full of hidden gems and there is always something out there to be doing.

Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne should definitely be on the list. Even if you are not overly fascinated about flowers it is a great place to relax. The Garden exhibits a vast variety of Australian plants and fauna. So set up a picnic or go for a stroll and take in the natural  beauty of the garden.

There is also the ‘Garden Explorer’ ride that takes you along the garden. It is an open-air cart for those that want to see all the attractions but without the energy to do so. The garden is open from 9am to 5pm daily with onsite cafe and kiosk.

Point Nepean National Park

At the very tip of the peninsula lies Point Nepean National Park, surrounded by natural beauty and glistening coastline, it is well worth the journey. Activities includes walks, swimming and cycling.

Nested within the national park are the historic war monuments. Fort Nepean has been standing strong since 1882 and now sits there open to the public allowing visitors to explore.

It is a great outdoor adventure that can be accessible by either driving, public transport and even ferry. Seeing views of Port Phillip and the Ocean surrounds are simply amazing.

Safety Beach

A perfect beach for locals and tourists alike. This beach has a vast shoreline, so even if it does get quite busy it still has room for any visitor. And on one end of the beach it is dog friendly. With great cafes around and calm waters it is perfect for all swimmers at any level. Access by car and public transport is a breeze.

Besides this popular beach, there are plenty of bay beaches, wide beaches to rock pools in the surrounding suburbs.

Drive-In Cinema

Pack the boot full of blankets, grab some snacks and enjoy the outdoor cinema from the car. There are three massive screens with two movies showing per session. It is a great way to change up the movie experience. And if you do not have a car, you can simply rent one from a trusted car hire dealer in the nearby locations.


With pristine calm waters of the bay, kayaking is the perfect choice for many. On your typical kayak adventure you have the chance to see penguins, seals and dolphins. With a serene 360 view of the bay, glide across the water and and immerse yourself with mother nature.



Scuba Diving

For those that want to go even further, you can also go scuba diving in the warm waters, there is an underwater wonderland waiting to be discovered. With the main attraction being the rare weedy sea dragon, sea horses and stingrays.

Certified divers can go even further and explore the seahorse and octopus garden, fish gallery within Phillips bay and see a vast yet colourful marine life.


If diving is a bit too much and doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want to get in the water, you can go snorkeling. With an equal amount of marine life present to fascinate you, you can come face to face with seals, dolphins, sea birds and also sea dragons. Learn about their fascinating sea life and see them in their natural habitat.

There is quite a selection of tours available and spots, inclusive of gear, beverages and toilet facilities it makes a great activity to do in Mornington Peninsula.

Weedy sea dragon (Dragón yerbado)

Weedy sea dragon (Dragón yerbado)

The Enchanted Maze

Located in Arthur’s seat, this garden is a great family activity for all, the Enchanted Maze has a spectacular garden with a beautiful setting. There is an exhilarating tree-surfing experience where the adventurous can partake. With zip lines and ropes it is a great parkland, a more than perfect place for a picnic with mazes, puzzles, sculptures and tube slides.

Visitors can also take in the great views of Arthur’s seat and take the Eagle skylift for even greater views.

Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs

For those that want to relax and be pampered, there is an excellent hot springs where visitors can relax and rejuvenate. The bath house has a reflexology walk, pool, steam bath and more.

It is a perfect place to escape the busy metropolitan offering both private and public spaces.

Nurturing your mind, body and soul. A great place to end your trip. Do book ahead as the Mornington Peninsula hot springs typically gets busy.

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Visitors are able to camp, rent villas, stay in private beach houses or even hotel accommodation. There are an abundance of mountain hills, parklands, beaches, recreation, events and notable attractions around Melbourne that any visitor will be kept busy.


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