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Tips for Travelling With a Dog

  • September 26th, 2017
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Your dog is a member of your family and it is normal that you want to bring him along when you go on holiday. These days more people travel with their dogs, and most dogs love to go on an adventure, and traveling with their owners makes it more enjoyable for everyone! It is in dog’s nature to travel around new environments and meet new people. However, traveling with your dog can be a bit tough. There is the problem of housing and transportation to deal with first and foremost, even once you get past this issue other arise like dealing with your dog’s mess on the

Because of this, many folks feel that traveling with their dog is too much of a hassle. But just because you have a dog does not mean that you have to stay home all the time. Even though there are other options like hiring a professional pet handler to take care of your dog while you are away and also the option of taking your dog to the kernel. Both options have their own drawback, apart from being expensive; the misery of being separated from loving friends is unbearable for a dog lover. If you decide that you and your best friends will stay together and travel together, here are some tips to make the trip easier for you and your dog. These days more dog owners travel with their dogs.

Car Familiarity

dog in car

Get your dog familiar with riding in the car by taking him on short trips. Go to interesting places like the dog park, drive too fast food restaurant (where you can feed him pieces of meat from your burger), or to visit friends. You want him to believe that car trips are fun. You do not want your dog to believe that all car trips end up in the vet’s office. Some dog breeds are naturally calmer and are easy to car train, although other breeds may take some patience. 

Invest in a Dog Carrier

Buy a good, solid dog carrier. Don’t even think of traveling without one. If you are flying, many airlines will offer to sell one of theirs but it can be very expensive. Visit your local pet store. When making your reservations check to see what the airline pet policies are. Some airlines require a dog to be in a luggage compartment, while others allow you to keep the dog with you. Know this before you pay your ticket.

Dog Tags

Ensure your dog is wearing the correct identification tag at all times. This should include your cell phone number or a relative and close friend number who will know how and where to get in touch with you at all times, should your dog get lost along the way.

Water! Plenty of It

Bring plenty of water and a water dish along. You will need to give your dog water to drink periodically when you stop for a rest. It will be easier to get your dog to drink if it is familiar water from home. Water in different places often smells or tastes different, and your dog may not want to drink it.

Plan Your Accommodation In Advance

dog accommodation

If you are planning to stay at the motel make sure your pet will be welcome and know the rules before making the reservation. Once you arrive at the hotel/motel ask where your dog can walk. Before booking your hotel reservations, you must confirm that the hotel allows pets.

Do not rely on the online advertising you may have seen for the hotel because sometimes they are wrong. Also, don’t try to sneak your dog in a hotel that does not allow pets, it’s not worth it. In the hotel, you can tell reception that you do not want any maid service if you do not want the maid coming in your room. You can sometimes take your dog out for a nice long walk while the maid does the cleaning. And if you need to go somewhere without your dog, you can put up the “do not disturb” sign and leave the TV on with your dog in the room.

When planning your holiday check and see if there are dog sitting facilities available so that you and your family can enjoy some sightseeing or a meal with your dog being present.

Avoid Leaving Your Dog In The Car For Long Periods

Make a stop every few hours to walk your dog and give him some water. Some dogs are afraid of loud trucks passing by, so try to walk in a quiet area. Be a good citizen and bring plastic bags to pick up the mess. Never leave your dog in a hot car even if you roll the windows down. A car in the sun can reach temperatures close to 200 degrees causing heat stroke and even death to pets left in them. 

Be Attentive

dog at beach

Always have your dog on a leash and stay with your pets at all times. Dogs are very curious and in a new environment, they can try to run off and explore.

You may want to do a little research on your destination to find a few places where you can take your dog to get some real exercises. Even jogging with your dog will help him keep fit and tire him so he is calmer when in the close quarters of a hotel room. By bringing your dog, your whole family can have fun and spend a relaxing vacation together.


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