The warmer months are finally coming up and you know what that means…ROAD TRIPS! The wind in your hair, a sense of freedom, what’s not to love?

  1. Make a Plan

Having a plan will definitely help in making sure you’re not falling asleep at the wheel trying to get to your next stop. Be realistic in your driving expectations, and be sure to give someone at home your itinerary just so someone knows where you are.

  1. Check Your Car

A few days before you trip make sure you do a thorough check of your car, or get a mechanic to check of it for you. Be sure to check over the brakes, tire pressure, spare tire, fluids, and anything else that may cause problems.

  1. Be Prepared

Most new cars these days come fully equipped with an emergency first aid kit, be sure to check if your car has one and familiarise yourself with what’s there and what’s missing. If you don’t have one you can do a DIY first aid kit, or simply buy one. This also means packing jumper cables, a flashlight, water, and the essentials.

  1. Know Where You’re Going

We’ve become fully dependent on our phones for maps, but as you reach more rural areas, you’ll find service dropping in and out. It’s best to plan out your route before leaving and taking a map with you! Plus once you’ve market your trip on the map it will be a cute souvenir.

  1. Bring the Music

Sure, you can listen to the radio on your road trip but once you start getting out of the city you’ll find that there’s more static than tunes. Bringing your own music also means you can curate your own playlist, making sure it’s full of bangers! If you don’t feel like sifting through all your music check out some of Spotify’s ready-made playlists like the Classic Road Trip Songs.

  1. Put the Phone Down

You’re driving across scenes that you may not see for a while, do you really want to see them through your phone? Or missing them altogether because you’re scrolling through your Insta feed? This isn’t saying completely leave your phone at home! How would you be able to call roadside assistance in the event your car breaks down?

  1. Pick Up the Disposable Camera

Disposable cameras are coming back and I am for it! In a world where people are choosing between 20 photos that look exactly the same just to make sure they’re peak #holidayvibes for Instagram, why not pick up a polaroid camera or a disposable camera? That way, you take the photo, and you can go back to enjoying the road trip!

  1. Charge Up

In the car, there’s usually only one charging cord so be prepared with a portable charger. There are cheap and pricey options, but you’ll be thankful when you’re not fighting over the one charging cord. Digital Trend puts together a Best Portable Battery Chargers list that includes different price points.

  1. Stop. Revive. Survive

It’s really important when you’re driving that you take at least a 15 minute break for every two hours, or let someone else take a turn driving. Otherwise, you risk being easily distracted, fatigue taking over,  and causing an accident. There is more information on fatigue here.

  1. Have Fun

Embrace the adventure, disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and take in what the world around you has to offer!



An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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