The Best Cities to Plan Your Valentines Day Getaway

If I told you that Valentines Day is already less than a month away, I’m sure theres a few guys out there going into minor panic attacks. However, there’s no need to stress. If you want to plan the perfect Valentines getaway I’m here to give you a few ideas to start you off. And considering […]

8 Photos of Bali That Will Make You Pack Your Bags NOW

  • January 18th, 2016
  • Asia, Travel
  • Olivia

Feel like a quick, cheap getaway? Bali may be the perfect answer for you, with it’s crystal clear waters, gorgeous beaches and booming nightlife. Check out these photos to see what you’re missing out on!              

5 Best Road Trips Around The World

Road trips are one of the best types of holidays that can be taken with friends or on a self-discovery tour. There are many spectacular and unique places to explore around the world, but here are five of the best.

7 best camping locations in Australia

There are many great places around the country to camp and get back to nature, but here are 7 of the absolute best and most beautiful camp sites in Australia. Charlotte Pass, NSW is the closest village to Mount Kosciuszko in the Mount Kosciuszko National Park in the Snowy Mountains. Spend a few evenings under […]