4 of Australia’s Most Beautiful Views

Forget the lush forests of Southeast Asia or historic beauty of European cities, these four Australian sights will satisfy even the most avid of travellers.         1. Bioluminescence, Southern Tasmania  Thanks to the high nutrients, gentle flows and presence of hundreds of Noctiluca organisms, beaches across Southern Tasmania become illuminated with electric […]

Gap year abroad: How to travel London on a budget

 London gap year money saving tips So school or university is coming to an end soon? The ultimatum has arrived, jump straight into work or further study, or spend a year abroad travelling the world? Spend the year abroad, duh? And where should you spend this year abroad? London, of course! Not only is London […]

Top 5 Musical Capitals of the World You Have to Visit

Everyone loves music, no matter what style or genre. For any sort of musical enthusiast, it’s a humbling experience to walk around the streets where some of the greatest artists of all time have done the same. Great albums have come out of cities all around the world, and it’s impossible to list all of […]

5 of the Greatest Surfing Locations in the World

1. Manly Manly beach is one of Sydney’s most famous for swimming, snorkeling, beach volleyball and surfing alike. The beach is also one of the cities main events venues, with the foreshore and esplanade the ideal location for stage set up and plays host to all kinds of events from food and wine shows like […]

8 Ultra-Romantic Spots in New Zealand

It doesn’t matter whether you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary or your first date—if you’re in the mood for love, New Zealand will pull out all the stops to woo you.   1. Lake Matheson, South Island     2. Cathedral Cove, Hahei     3. Marine Parade Gardens, Napier     4. Okere Falls, Rotorua […]