Cocktails from Across the Globe

  • February 29th, 2016
  • Food, Travel
  • Olivia

Looking to add something other than “rum + coke” or “gin + tonic” to your mixing repertoire? Consider these exotic international cocktails the next time you head overseas or visit a liquor store. Dragon’s Fire (Hong Kong) Image credit: opacity | Flickr Originally from Dragon-i in Hong Kong, this tiny cocktail will slap you with […]

4 Wicked MX Tracks Around the World

Off-road trails make MX riding a motorcyclist’s dream. From muddy terrain to dirt roads snaking through woodlands to slopes nestled within grassy valleys, here are 4 of the best mx tracks from around the world. Grab your gearsets and helmets, and get ready for the insane rides ahead!    Budds Creek, United States Set amid rolling […]

summer destination

5 Travel Essentials for Summer Destinations

The oceans of a sunlit somewhere are calling… Whether you’re heading off to one of the Greek Islands, driving through Australia’s coastline or hitting up the beaches of Bali, these 5 travel essentials will help make packing for your summer destinations a whole lot easier. 1. Sunscreen This might seem like a bit of a no […]

4 of Australia’s Most Beautiful Views

Forget the lush forests of Southeast Asia or historic beauty of European cities, these four Australian sights will satisfy even the most avid of travellers.         1. Bioluminescence, Southern Tasmania  Thanks to the high nutrients, gentle flows and presence of hundreds of Noctiluca organisms, beaches across Southern Tasmania become illuminated with electric […]

Gap year abroad: How to travel London on a budget

 London gap year money saving tips So school or university is coming to an end soon? The ultimatum has arrived, jump straight into work or further study, or spend a year abroad travelling the world? Spend the year abroad, duh? And where should you spend this year abroad? London, of course! Not only is London […]