Your Guide to Minsk!

So you have decided to visit the capital of Belarus, Minsk. If you have already decided to visit Minsk, you know where is it, but if suddenly you do not know yet Minsk is located in the centre of Europe and borders with Poland, Lithuania, Latvia in the West, Russia in the East, Ukraine in the South.

At 42 kilometres from the centre of Minsk is the “National Airport Minsk&quot” (MSQ), which is the most convenient way to visit Minsk. Next, you need to get to the city



You can use a regular shuttle service from the airport to the central bus station. This shuttle departs from the airport to the central bus station every hour and the trip takes about 2 hours with no traffic jams.

The price is about 3 euros per person.Taxis may be a little more expensive, although they offer more convenience. Make sure you book a taxi in advanced because if you order a taxi at the airport because the cost of the trip will only depend on the greed of a taxi driver.


Airport Transfer

The price of a trip to the city center varies from 30 to 100 euros. I recommend to book an airport transfer service, at Minsk Airport Transfer.

Two days before the planned arrival I booked the car and, despite the fact that the flight was delayed for 1 hour, I was met by a friendly driver in the arrival hall area with a sign with my name in the hands. He was very kind, careful with my luggage and with an excellent English. Special attention is given to the car.

It was the Skoda Superb with a luxurious brown leather interior. The price for such service is 30 euros and it fixed to any point in Minsk, center of the city or any other district. A journey takes no more than 40 minutes with no traffic jams.

A great advantage to take a taxi or airport transfer service is that you will come to Minsk on the main street – Independence Avenue that crosses almost whole city from the north-west to the center.

So your sightseeing tour begins right after arrival. Almost all the major hotels, like Europe Hotel, Hotel President, Minsk Hotel, Crown Plaza Hotel, and a large number of attractions is located, or directly on Independence avenue, or in walking distance.




5 Things to do in Minsk

Whilst in Minsk, there are a number of attractions will keep you thoroughly entertained. Here are a few of the best things to do in the incredibly interesting European city.

Minsk Arena Complex

The Minsk Arena complex is considered to be one of the most modern sporting complexes in the world, with a number of sporting and entertainment events taking place every year.

The arena plays host to professional ice hockey events as well as provides the opportunity for the public to get out on the ice themselves during the mass skating sessions. The arena also plays host to a number of other sporting facilities such as table tennis, badminton, curling and a velodrome!

Gorky Park

Situated in the heart of Minsk, Gorky Park is a popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike. Founded in 1800, making it the oldest park in Minsk, Gorky Park is home to a planetarium, observatory, indoor skating rink and a 56 metre high ferris wheel which provides spectacular views of the city.

National Library of Belarus

Minsk is home to the National Library of Belarus, the 72 metre high architecturally impressive building is able to seat 2,000 readers and provides tourists with a truly unique experience.

If the 9 million books are not enough to get you excited, the building itself and the views provided are enough to make the visit a memorable one.

Island of Tears

The Island of Tears was established as a memorial to commemorate soviet soldiers who perished in the war with Afghanistan during the 1980’s. Located on the island are a number of statues surrounding a chapel with listings of over 700 people who died in battle.

Located on the Svislach River, which runs through the middle of Minsk, the Island of Tears is a short walk from the main streets of the city.

Church of Saints Simon and Helena

Located in the centre of Minsk, the Church of Saints Simon and Helena was built to commemorate the premature death of a rich Belarusian family’s children.

The building was constructed between 1908 and 1910, which is reflected in the buildings impressive architecture and unusual artwork. The church is still functioning today, therefore, when visiting be aware that there may be a large turnout for a regular service.


If you have any tips about travelling to Minsk that you think I should add, I’d love to hear them! Contact me here.


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