How to Travel on a Budget (1)

How to Travel on a Budget

The world is a book and if you do not travel, you read only one page. Apparently, Augustine of Hippo was right to say this as is evident from the most successful people around the world. Not only will traveling give you the chance to enjoy diverse cultures and interact with different people firsthand, it will empower and encourage you in a myriad ways. Even though most people usually put their traveling plans on hold with the excuse of having no money, it takes some zeal, open mindedness and the following tips on how to travel on a budget to attain your dream.

How to Travel on a Budget (2)

Research Beforehand

Researching earlier about the most affordable travel options, accommodation and tourist sites helps a great deal in the budgeting and planning process. Check out the best countries or towns you can visit without having to break a bank. The internet is a great resource in this case. You may also ask for recommendations and advice from friends, relatives and other travel enthusiasts. You should remember to check it there are travel advisories and restrictions on the place you wish to visit beforehand, as well as their requirements, rules, laws and regulations regarding tourism.

How to Travel on a Budget (1)

Consider Alternative Accommodation

Apart from air tickets, accommodation will also take up a higher percentage of your budget. Saving on accommodation will therefore have a great impact on your budget. Consider shared accommodation options such as rented condominiums, hostels or apartments on AirBnB. For even cheaper accommodation, alternatives such as camper RVs or camping in tents will be fun while remaining mindful of your pocket.

Travel Off-Season

Even though you may miss out on seasonal tourist attractions, traveling offseason does help a great deal in saving your money. This is because accommodation, fare and entry fees are often raised when there is high demand, and lowered during offseason. If things go your way, you may even extend your stay to the peak season and enjoy that seasonal occurrence.

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Book in Advance

Booking flights, charter planes and boats, accommodation and even resort packages in advance allows you to enjoy the early bird discounts offered by most service providers. You will also avoid the last-minute rush, and you will have enough time to research the best options as well as any coupons and special discounts offered. If you change your mind, you may even organize with the service provider for a refund. If planning on having a kayaking adventure, then it helps to book the kayak, and if possible, a tour guide in advance to help save on costs, time and effort.

Keep Working

As much as you may have saved enough before your vacation, continuing to earn even during the vacation will ensure you have a constant flow of money. You can consider freelancing, working remotely or teaching your skills such as surfboarding, swimming and even English especially when touring a non-native country. Just be sure to check with the relevant authorities prior, so you can get any required permits or licenses.

Look Out for Affordable Packages

While it may be cheap to travel independently, there are tour agencies that have really affordable and discounted packages that an independent tourist may not realize. Consider making use of group tours, cruises and resort packages within your set budget. Check to see if there will be additional costs on drinks and meals so you can know how to travel on a budget and enjoy every instance.

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Traveling on a budget forces you to appreciate every given moment of your trip. You also get to understand and experience the power of your currency, especially if you are touring a country within the lower economy tier. So, start saving for your vacation, and if you have accrued some travel rewards points, then you should consider redeeming them for extra mileage and fares. Every dream is valid, and your low budget should not prevent you from ticking off your travel bucket list.

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