How to Stay Organised While Travelling

Suitcase Organisation.

When moving from place to place it only takes one rushed morning to ruined your neatly packed piles of clothing. Stay organised while travelling, and invest in organisational packing materials to conquer your messy suitcase. Packing cubes are fantastic to help separate tops and bottoms as well as wet and dry clothes. Additionally, packing cubes make the most of your space, as they are designed to fill the full capacity of your suitcase. Packing cubes are also versatile, so they don’t necessarily have to be used from clothes, and can keep your smelly shoes from your clean clothes. A key tip when purchasing, is to invest in a mesh set of packing cubes, to help you identify what is inside of each cube. If you are a backpacker, there are also options available for you, like these backpack organisers. These devices help you store everything you need vertically in a pack with fabric shelving. The organiser also comes with hooks to help you pack and unpack super easily in a matter of seconds.

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Travel Planners.

Between flight tickets, accommodation, dates and bookings, there is no way a single person could retain all of that information without writing it down. Invest in a planner and it will be your best travel companion, keeping you organised and stress-free during your travels. Using a travel planner helps you keep everything in one place, including your passport, tickets and other important personal items. Your planner can also act as a travel journal, address book for the details of your new travel friends, and remind you to document your travels.

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Jewellery Travel Pouch.

Most of us throw our necklaces in a heap only to find the most untangable mess preventing us from running out the door and exploring. For the travelling accessory lover, investing in a jewellery travel pouch is a must. Avoid stabbing yourself on an earring back as you rummage through your luggage, and always keep a track of what accessories you have actually packed. There are plenty of options available. Some have a hard shell structure like a regular jewellery box to offer maximum protection, and some lay flat like a folded wallet for ultimate compression. Selecting the right Jewellery Travel pouch for you depends on the type of accessories you wish to bring along and the size or compactness of the pouch that you desire. Ensure that there are enough compartments for your travelling needs. You can also select from a range of wax-treated exteriors to protect your precious metals from the elements and keep them safe.

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Elastic Grid Organiser.

This is one of those items that you are convinced you will never need, but once you own it, your life will truly change. The Grid IT cocoon system was originally designed to contain and control your digital devices such as cords, cables, chargers and cameras. But since being brought to market, its discovered uses are endless! These cases are an object retention system, comprised of a unique weave of rubber elastic bands which are versatile and customisable. This small block can be used for to organise your makeup tools, stationery, electronic gadgets and general smaller items which often go missing in your luggage!

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GRID-IT Medium | Source: flickr


Compartmentalised Backpack.

When you are home, you have a spot where you put your keys, a place where you keep your book and you always know where to find your wallet. You should be able to do the same whilst you are travelling. A compartmentalised backpack is a bag which has MANY pockets – up to 15. Pick a pocket for one thing and make that pocket it’s forever home. This will help you keep track of everything and minimise your chances of losing items while travelling.


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