4 of Australia’s Most Beautiful Views

Forget the lush forests of Southeast Asia or historic beauty of European cities, these four Australian sights will satisfy even the most avid of travellers.


      1. Bioluminescence, Southern Tasmania 

Thanks to the high nutrients, gentle flows and presence of hundreds of Noctiluca organisms, beaches across Southern Tasmania become illuminated with electric blue light. Known as bioluminescence, this natural phenomenon occurs all year round, with the strongest concentrations of bioluminescence happening in warmer months. 

Best places to see them? Check out Ralph’s Bay on South Arm or Howden for a glimpse of this magical light display.


Bioluminescence Tasmania

Bioluminescence in Tasmania. Source: Australian Geographic


  1. Coonabarabran, New South Wales 


The stars have fascinated travellers from the beginning of time. Whilst the Aurora Borealis in northern Sweden may be one of the more popular celestial attractions, Coonabarabran in northern country NSW is Australia’s astronomy capital and offers spectacular views of the constellations.


With crystal clear skies, acres of national parks and Australia’s largest optical astronomy research facility, Coonabarabran is a must-visit for all star lovers.


Coonabarabran stars Sliding Springs Observatory

Milky Way as seen from Sliding Springs observatory, Coonabarabran. Source: Macquarie University


  1. Wineglass Bay Lookout, Tasmania


Situated on Tasmania’s East Coast in Freycinet National Park, Wineglass bay is a peninsula of dusky granite mountains, pure white beaches and turquoise clear sea.

A hike up to Mount Amos will give you photo-worthy aerial views of the bay. From there, you can continue to explore with scenic cruises, enjoy fresh seafood and go for a dip with snorkelling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing.


Wineglass Bay Tasmania

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. Source: Australian Traveller


  1. Grand Pacific Drive, New South Wales 


One of the great Australian road trips, Grand Pacific Drive takes you through green woodland, seaside villages and ocean cliffs and captures some of NSW’s most spectacular scenery and coastline. Feel the ocean breeze as you drive over clifftops across the winding Sea Cliff Bridge and experience the Australian mix of country and ocean on this unforgettable drive. 


Sea Cliff Bridge Grand Pacific Drive NSW

Sea Cliff Bridge, NSW. Source: Trover//Our Global Adventure



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