Fiorland National Park

Exploring Fiorland National Park

Located in the Southern part of the Southern Island of New Zealand, you’ll find the amazing Fiordland National Park. Fiordland is the largest of the national parks in New Zealand, and contains beautiful natural sights, such as glaciers, waterfalls and lush valleys.

If you’re visiting from out of town, it’s best to hire a car and take one of the small roads to Manapouri, although access may be limited. Once you’re there, there are endless activities and sights to see. Here’s just a short list.

Walking Tracks


Fiordland National Park is packed with exciting walking paths for all levels. From Milford to Kepler, you can see the beauty of the park first hand, at your own pace. The treks range from anywhere to 3km, to over 50km.

There are also many guided walking tours available, that can last multiple days and show you the ins and outs of each area.




With river and lake kayaking available, and crystal clear waters, kayaking should definitely be on your list when visiting Fiordland. Lake Te Anau is a famous location for kayaking, with gorgeous scenery and open waters. It’s advised that you go in groups, as waters can get rough.

Lake Cruise


Boat Tour

If you’re not keen to go kayaking, you can enjoy the lake’s beauty with one of the many boat cruises available. From larger ferries to smaller boat tours, you can see the waterfalls up close, enjoy a meal on the lake, fish, and experience the views from a relaxing point. The cruises are definitely worth taking, as you can see a lot of the lake and the key features that you don’t want to miss.

Mountain Biking and Cycling


Cycling and mountain biking is an excellent way to get around the park. As with walking treks, there are various biking trails available, ranging in all difficulties. In some locations of the park, such as Te Anau and Manapouri, there are avid cycling communities, and great gentle paths and quiet roads to be taken.

Scenic Flights


Although somewhat unconventional, flying through the National Park is a popular way to see it’s beauty from a great view. With helicopters, and small plans available, you can cover a lot of ground in short amounts of time, and get great pictures for the memory book. With helicopters, they can stop at great locations where you may otherwise not be able to get.



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