12 Castles You’re Not Living In

In due time, 1997 will be looked back upon as a rough year for the real estate market.

That was the year the first Harry Potter novel was released to the public and kids all over the world realised that living in a castle was far cooler than renting an apartment. How many apartments feature poltergeists, talking suits of armour and the boy who lived?

Think I’m wrong?

Castle living is the only reason people voluntarily go to the University of Sydney, right?

1. Did you know that there are several castles more affordable than an apartment in NYC?


2. The difference between a palace and a castle is that a castle is fortified for defence. Let’s see your neighbour complain about your music now.


3. I just need a beauty to go along with this beast

I just need a beauty to go along with this beast

4. Most underrated T.I. song of all time is easily Castle Walls featuring Christina Aguilera. I feel like you need to know these things.

ScAFmR4 - Imgur

5. I know they’re pretty good in times of war, but has anyone ever seen a nice photo of a castle bathroom? Do those even exist? Where am I supposed to take mirror selfies?


6. Its safe to assume you can afford some cleaners if you’re buying a castle because vacuuming is going to take all day


7. My favourite television scene involving a castle? I’m glad you asked, it’s THAT scene from Game of Thrones.

owETNe5 - Imgur

8. I think Newcastle should be renamed to Nocastle. Heh.

Ko5yXPW - Imgur

9. I wonder how big of a router you’d need to get wi-fi in one of these bad boys

xP6KrKW - Imgur

10. I want a sequel to castaway that involves Tom Hanks selling a castle….lets call it Castleaway


11. Apparently in medieval times (aka pre-internet), eating doubled as a form of entertainment. I would’ve been so fat.


12. So….which one of you kind readers is willing to put a deposit on one of these for me?


*This may or may not have been written when I should have been studying Transfiguration


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