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World’s Best Beach Houses

Sweeping ocean front panoramic views, the sound of waves crashing through the window and golden sand just metres from your front door… Australia isn’t the only country with such beautifully located beach houses. Some of the world’s most beautiful beach houses below will make you want to pack your swimmers, slather on the sunscreen and install a swinging hammock somewhere inside your home.

1. The Boat House, Norway 

Minimalist architecture The Boathouse Norway

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2. Two Hulls House, Canada

minimalist architecture Two Hulls House Canada

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3. Great Mackeral Beach House, Australia 

Glass Beach House Australia Great Mackerel

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4. Oregon House, USA 

secluded beach house oregon USA

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5. The Pole House, Australia

Pole House Beach House Great Ocean Road Australia

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6. Driftwood House, USA

driftwood beachouse florida

Image Credit: Chuck Palmer | Flickr

 7. Drake’s Island Beach House, USA 

beach house maine usa

Image Credit: Jacques Trempe | Flickr


8. Cliffside Villas, Santorini

cliffside villas santorini greece

Image Credit: The Web Ninja | Flickr

9. Hampton’s Beach House, USA

hamptons beach house new york

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