The Adventures of Paperboyo

London based travel blogger, Rich McCor, is one of Instagram’s newest viral sensations. He takes paper cut-outs around the world to iconic landmarks and offers new perspectives of go-to destinations. Be gone with the awkwardly taken selfies and welcome to the world as seen by Paperboyo: 1. St George, London   2. London     […]

Alaskan Delights

Home to polar bears, humpback whales, rugged mountains and forests, escape the city for a scenic getaway in Alaska. For a true Alaskan experience, you don’t have to give up the comforts of home. Book a stay at Eshamy Bay Lodge’s Prince William Sound cabins to enjoy one of the best Alaskan cabin experiences in […]

10 things to see in New Zealand that aren’t the set of LOTR

1. Islands Here’s something that will blow your mind. It’s not just one big island. There are more islands, everywhere. Bay of Islands 2. Really Small Islands Try building a shack on these, Robinson Crusoe. Cathedral Cove Puponga, Archway Islands Sea Stack 3. Fields Seriously, fields everywhere. Only 5% of living things in NZ are […]