Gap year abroad: How to travel London on a budget

 London gap year money saving tips

So school or university is coming to an end soon? The ultimatum has arrived, jump straight into work or further study, or spend a year abroad travelling the world? Spend the year abroad, duh? And where should you spend this year abroad? London, of course! Not only is London an extremely diverse global city, but it is also strongly linked with the rest of Europe, allowing you to treat London as a home base between many European weekends away.

Before you embark on your trip of a lifetime, I’ve outlined a few tips below to ensure your year off is affordable and cheap.

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1: Shop around for the cheapest flights.

Often the most expensive part of any trip away is the plane ticket getting there! Thankfully there are many airline savings out in the inter-webs if you shop around for them. Websites such as Webjet and ZUJI aggregate fares from every airline, making it easy for you to research and find the cheapest fare.

2: Find affordable accommodation.

After you’ve booked your flight, the next cost to minimise is accommodation, which will easily be the most expensive part of your trip. Services such as Airbnb normally list many properties. This will ensure that no one will charge you above the market rate for a room.

3: Consider finding a job.

Luckily for you, Australia is a member of the Commonwealth. Because of this relationship with the UK, Australian’s have easier access to temporary UK working visas, which allow you to work abroad in the UK for up to two years. You’ll be surprised how much a little work will help when you want to visit iconic landmarks and other European countries. Often the cost of travelling is much more than we initially expect, you can alleviate these worries by working part time or casually in London.

4: Consider participating in an organised tour.

Yes, I know that this sounds incredibly cringe-worthy and cliche. However, if you want to cheaply see as many sights as possible, organised tours generally end up being much cheaper than going on your own. This is mostly because the cost is paid upfront and you pay for a bulk quantity of bus trips instead of lots of short bus or train rides. Participating in one organised tour will help you meet many like-minded travellers who will remain good contacts when you want to visit other destinations!


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