5 Tips On how to Survive Sydney Airport

When I was growing up, the one superpower I always wanted was the ability to fly.

As I’ve been granted multiple opportunities to do so, I’ve realised that flying is overrated. Ok, maybe my general experience has been tarnished from something no kid thinks about when his mind is on defying gravity. Airports.


Look, no one enjoys spending delays in the airport but Sydney Airport is actually pretty slick.  Sydney Airport’s International terminal underwent a $500 million renovation that was completed in mid-2010. The upgrade includes a new baggage system, an extra 7,300 m2 (78,577 sq ft) of space for shops and passenger waiting areas and other improvements.

However, it’s still an airport.

Here are five ways to improve your overall Sydney Airport experience.

Grab a pork roll from Hong Ha


What’s the deal with airline food? Am I right, guys?

Before you get stuck in the airport vortex, have whoever’s dropping you off swing by Hong Ha bakery. It is regarded as one of the best places you can get a pork roll in all of Sydney. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you can’t get one of these bad boys no matter what airline you opt for.

Where to find the best Coffee


There are quite a few coffee options available inside Sydney Airport. Caffeine is essential to not falling asleep as you generally want to sleep on planes and not during check in.

The best coffee can actually be found at Toby’s Estate in terminal 2 after you make it through security.

It doubles as a reward for managing to get through security (hooray!)

Bring a power board

I try to travel light; however ‘travelling light’ still involves my phone, Kindle, iPod, camera and laptop. All of these require electricity and anyone that has ever travelled before knows how the battery life of your device tends to dwindle faster if you take them to the airport.

Bringing a power board will solve rectify this issue and you will be able to power/charge as many things as you want. Also, you’ll be seen as a hero to fellow travellers who need to charge their devices.

Exchange your Money beforehand

This is one from personal experience. You can pay attention to the daily news all you want about exchange rates but it’s still on individual vendors to dictate how much they’re willing to actually value your currency. I once withdrew money from an ATM that did currency exchange and the rate I got was highway robbery.

Please learn from my mistakes. You don’t ever want to end up like me.

Free Beverage

You know what makes flying easier? A drink. You know what makes flying even easier? A free drink.

This is a tip from a co-worker of mine; there’s a guy in the domestic terminal offering free glasses of wine. He’s trying to get you to sign up to a wine subscription but as long as you have the will; you’ll be able to rest just a little bit easier on your flight.

Don’t transfer, enjoy Sydney


The worst case scenario for everyone flying is having their flight cancelled. It’s going to happen, it’s as inevitable as Miley Cyrus doing something controversial for her next single.


An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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