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5 Secret Locations of Sydney Harbour, Australia

Sydney, Australia is well known for their stunning harbour views where city skylines, iconic infrastructure and nature meets. The harbour is stunning but it’s popularity has lead flocks of crowded tourists all year round. Here are 5 equally if not more beautiful secret locations around Sydney Harbour ready for you to explore.

Georges Head Battery, Mosman

Sitting along one of the many stunning ‘heads’ of Sydney’s coast line, Georges Head Battery is home to a mesmerising ruin of military fortification. Built in the 1800s, the location resembles a concrete fortress.

Geoges Head Battery Mosman

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The Lex and Ruby Graham

This secret garden began in 1959 by a man named Lex Graham who planted an elephant’s ear bulb he found while out for his morning swim. The story goes that Graham and his partner Ruby, who he had just met recently around the time he planted the bulb, began adding more plants and cuttings, creating the magnificent garden today.

the lex and ruby graham sydney harbour

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Shark Island Reserve

Sitting silently on the Sydney Harbour, Shark Island Reserve has more room for relaxation than sharks. The reserve can be accessed by hired self drive boats or kayak. Once stepping foot on the island you can enjoy the luscious grass areas, picnic shelters and amazing views of the harbour.

shark island reserve sydney harbour

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Pinchgut Island (Fort Denison)

Fort Denison is yet another retired military fortress, housing a stunning Martello Tower and a stunning 360 degree view of the Sydney Harbour. The small island has been restored throughout the years with a relatively newly opened award winning restaurant. You can visit this island by hiring a boat or a more luxuriously, a chartered yacht.


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Goat Island

Discover the rich history of Australia and enjoy the wonderful views of the harbour on Goat Island. Enjoy a relaxing picnic by the waters and take in the breathtaking views of Sydney.

National Park NSW

National Park NSW

Discover the less crowded and mysterious secret locations of Sydney Harbour and hire a boat. Bask in the Sydney sunshine and soak in the views of Sydney Harbour and city skyline on a location only you and a few know.


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