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5 Gorgeous Waterfalls in New Zealand

5 Gorgeous Waterfalls in New Zealand

New Zealand is known all over the world for its picturesque landscapes and its charming natural wonders. Read on to check out five gorgeous waterfalls for you to explore in New Zealand. Rainbow Falls Rainbow Falls is located in Keri Keri on the North Island, a three hour drive away from Auckland. The 27 metre […]


Sydney to Byron Bay Road Trip

With summer right around the corner and the weather warming up, it’s time to start planning for the next summer adventure. With some of the most beautiful and famous beaches in Australia, why not start in Sydney. New South Wales offers countless activities and locations to visit, and if you’re a beach lover, this East […]


Tips For Backpacking Australia

Tips For Backpacking Australia Australia is known for its endless summers, timeless memories, and fun adventures. Every year visitors from all around the world come to Australia for their chance at an adventure Down Under. There are many ways this can be done, although for the ultimate experience, backpacking is the way to go. If […]


Best Places To See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also known by it’s official name of aurora borealis, is a natural light wonder of the world. This natural electrical event is characterised by the appearance of bright green, yellow, and blue lights that stream across the night sky. The lights are most visible near the northern or southern magnetic pole. The […]


4 Reasons Studying Abroad Has Grown In Popularity

The availability of cheap flights has made the world feel like a much smaller place, which is why studying abroad has grown in popularity. Whether it’s for a two-week internship, a semester or an entire year, the benefits of studying overseas will be seen for years to come. Travelling for a few weeks out of […]