Top 8 Tips for Travelling To New Zealand

Because of its remote geographical location, flying is the number one method of travel for the vast majority of tourists to New Zealand.

For anyone interested in New Zealand holidays, we have written up some travel tips you should take into consideration before arriving in the country. After all, for most people, it is a long way back to collect anything you might have forgotten!


Plan Your Holiday Activities In Advance

There are literally thousands of different holiday activities to enjoy in New Zealand. From Skiing to power boating, hiking to star gazing. With such a wide choice, it is important to plan in advance before you travel to New Zealand to ensure that you don’t miss out on any activities you wish to do.

Be Prepared And Follow Common Safety Advice

New Zealand is a relatively safe country to visit, but it still pays to follow standard travel safety tips. Always leave a note to tell people, where you are going, although you may be enamoured by the stunning scenery never let yourself become distracted.

Always ensure your car and hotel room are locked securely at all times. Although these are relatively standard travel safety tips, it is important to remind yourself of them in order to keep yourself and your family safe at all times.



The modern day traveller normally travels with lots of electrical gadgetry, which requires regular charging. The electricity in New Zealand is supplied at 230/240 volts (50 Hertz). For some travellers, this will necessitate an adaptor, so ensure you pack a few to keep yourself and your gadgets topped up.


Tipping in New Zealand is voluntary and seen as a reward for exceptional service, the normal amount should you wish to tip is around 5 to 10 percent of the total bill.

Plan Your Trip To Ensure You Get The Optimum Weather Conditions

The best time to travel to New Zealand will vary, depending on the activities you want to take part in. Bear in mind that the summer months, when the weather is the hottest are December, January and February.

If you want to bring younger children to New Zealand and be able to enjoy the many and varied school holiday activities, then the longest school break is for about six weeks from roughly half way through December until the end of January.

Set Your Watches

New Zealand is twelve hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight Savings Time begins on the first day of October, when clocks are put forward one hour, and they then revert on the last Sunday of March.

A great international travel tip is to carry two watches, or change the time on your phone to the local time, while keeping your watch at the same time as your home country.


Travel Packing Tips

Although New Zealand has no major health risks, it always makes sense to pack a small first aid kit, which includes plasters, and headache and flu tablets. It is better to be safe than sorry, and these items will not take up too much space.

Driving Rules

A sparsely populated and beautiful country, if you want to fully experience all of Aotearoa’s riches, hiring a New Zealand rental car is a necessity. It is important to always remember that drivers in New Zealand always drive on the left, giving way to traffic from the right. 

The good news is that most rental companies will supply you with some documentation highlighting any major differences or things you should be aware of.


A once in a life time destination is a phrase that is used all too often, when it comes to certain holiday destinations. However, although we may be biased, we are confident that New Zealand falls firmly into that category, and is a trip the whole family will enjoy and remember for the rest of their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some cheap flights and head to New Zealand for your next adventure.


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An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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