Top 5 Places To Kayak In Sydney

Top 5 Places To Kayak In Sydney

Have you started planning your next adventure in 2018? Do you feel like engaging in active trips around the world and discovering its best-hidden secrets? Then today we have a recommendation for you: travel to Sydney and experience the most amazing watery adventure of your life. All you have to do is pick a great location there, jump on a boat and get ready to have some fun. Therefore, today we will reveal the top five places to kayak in Sydney. We are confident that these will attract your attention as well and that you will add them to your wish list of places to visit this year.

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Berowra Waters: The Real Paradise for Paddlers

Sydney is like no other city in terms of places where you can go kayaking. It features dense and deep bushland as well as gorgeous sandy beaches and spectacular views to witness. You will not remain indifferent at the mighty sandstone outcrops in the area as well as the wandering creeks that give you thrills.

This is exactly what waits for you to discover in Berowra Waters and the historic, ruined Castle of Calabash. The steep cliffs with amazing quality houses found just below will offer you the feeling that you have reached heaven. The fascinating history of this place as well as the protected waterway on which you can kayak will make this adventure a dream come true.

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Color River in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Color River is a kayaking destination in the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area in Sydney where all water sports enthusiasts dream to go. It is considered the last real pristine river in this region. You will discover a gorgeous lush riverscape that is filled with heath vegetation and which is governed by abundant wildlife.

Brooklyn, Hawkesbury River

Our adventure today continues with a breathtaking kayaking experience in Brooklyn, on the Hawkesbury River. More than 120 kilometers of magnificent water land wait for you to discover. You can have so much fun there and feel free in your little boat while conquering this special watery land. You can have fun circumnavigating the Dangar Island. Moreover, you can also choose to paddle upstream and reach a perfectly deserted beach where you can camp.

Hungry Beach

More Kayaking Fun at the Pittwater

Pittwater is similar to Sydney Harbor in terms of natural beauty and wilderness. However, fewer people live there which makes this location the perfect one for those who wish to reconnect with themselves. There is so much peace and calmness involved in the process of kayaking on these magnificent water sights in Sydney. You will be thrilled to discover the deserted beaches in the area and encounter dolphins on your way.

Nepean River: A Tide Free Location for Endearing Travelers

Last but not least entertaining is the Nepean River, which comes as the fifth choice of the top 5 places to kayak in Sydney. This is a tide free water area which allows endearing travelers to go into any direction they wish. No limits during this adventure, only you, your boat and your companions on the road. You can pass through the stunning Nepean Gorge where you will encounter pelicans, eagles, wombats and wallabies.

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