The Fun of Being a Traveling Photographer

Guest Post – Scott Carruthers is a photographer based in Anaheim, California. He began taking photographs professionally while he was still in high school, and was recognized as having an eye for photographing musicians and models. He signed with an agent and expanded his business to include many different forms of photography.

Travel photography comes with many perks. Whether you engage in travel photography as a hobby or as a professional, it is best to focus on the fun aspects so that they will flourish in your life. After years of working as a travel photographer I decided to focus on what I loved about my job.

I found that my work became more and more fun as I did so! Here is a list of the best things about being a travel photographer. See if you can identify with any of them — no matter where you are on the scale of hobbyist to professional.

Exploring New Places With An Eye For Beauty

As a photographer, I have developed an eye for aesthetically pleasing sights. I find that when I am looking at the world, my focus is automatically drawn to beauty in the world around me. This is especially rewarding when I am traveling abroad, and surrounded by many new things. I love being in a busy market and experiencing it as a sea of potential images.

Sharing The Sights You Experience With Others

Some of the fun of taking photographs while I travel comes from sharing them with others once I return from a trip. Every time I show someone a picture I have captured, I remember what I was feeling when I took the picture. I get to see the viewer react to the picture, and enjoy the image.

When a picture that I take is published, I enjoy knowing that a little slice of my perception is being filtered into other people’s minds as well. This sharing almost feels like magic to me, and I am always honored that my work is entering into other people’s lives.

Introducing People To Remote Places

Not everyone has the opportunity, funding, motivation and mindset to get themselves to remote places. When I get travel to somewhere that only a small percentage of the population will visit, I challenge myself to represent the place in the best way possible.

I work to take the best possible pictures, and find all of the beauty that the setting has to offer. It is a huge thrill to introduce people to places that they may never see. I know that when I visit remote areas in India that are high up in the Himalayas, for example, my photographs might be the first introduction to that land and culture that a person ever sees.

In this way, I feel that I am a tool, like a set of powerful binoculars. The difference is that I get to present a biased view of an area, by only taking photographs of the beautiful, interesting sections of the location. It is quite fun to have that kind of power!

Making People Feel Special

Often times when you aim a camera at someone, they have a positive feeling. They know that you see something that you find worthy of photographing. Occasionally, people react poorly, but for the most part I find that people are very excited and honored to have their picture taken.

I love seeing people light up for the camera. Children smiling brightly and elderly people are some of my favorite subjects to get a smile out of. Once the photo shoot is over, I always feel like I have a new connection with the subject. Sometimes I can sense that they feel it too.

They might offer to show me something, or tell me a story in return. I always look forward to relating to people in the villages, towns, and cities that I visit in this unique way.

Bringing My Art With Me Wherever I Go

I am a highly creative person, and I am guessing that if you are reading this you are too. I love the fact that I can bring my art work with me wherever I go, as long as I have my camera bag at my side. What is more fun than being creative in a format that you love?

My creativity fuels me, gives me energy, and keeps me balanced. A day without expending this kind of energy makes me feel out of sorts. When I take photographs, my energy lifts and I feel much more alive and able to enjoy life. I can get this kind of a lift from engaging in wedding photography and studio photography, but it is even more pronounced when I am traveling.

The combination of breaking free from a routine, seeing new places, meeting new people and creating art is intoxicating. It can’t be beat, at least not in my opinion!


Travel photography is exciting and rewarding. The fun of taking photographs while you travel can sometimes be found in the subtle nuances of the craft — like the connection between two people who have just barely met. Focus on those fun moments to increase your love for travel photography over the years. I have, and it has been incredibly helpful to my career.


An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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