Cosy Weekend Getaway to Historic Randwick

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Randwick is a history-inspired suburb in Sydney, located just six kilometres away from the city’s central business district. Featuring numerous historic buildings, hosting lively music festivals and boasting chic restaurants, Randwick is certainly an area of diversity. After exploring the other parts of Sydney, you should retreat to this charming suburb for a cosy weekend getaway.


A glimpse of history and heritage

Once a home to the native Aboriginal people, Randwick is imbued with an atmosphere of historicity. It developed from a sparse settlement to a lively suburb brimming with life. However, a view of the historic buildings, such as Ventnor House, Randwick Town Hall, Prince of Wales Hospital and others, will take you back in time. The stunning architecture of Randwick is a lovely example of the Victorian Gothic style, featuring enticing, colourful stained glass and intricately designed details that have put a great number of the area’s buildings on the list of the National Registry. Randwick was also once home to famous artists, such as poet Henry Kendall and painters Charles Condor, Tom Roberts and Arthur Streeton. This suburb has preserved its art-inspired scene that you can explore.


The racing tradition

Known as Sydney’s famous horseracing destination, Randwick celebrates its racing tradition by hosting a range of events throughout the year. The Randwick Racecourse, the centre of Sydney racing history, lies at the northwest of the suburb and is the local hotspot for races. The Race Days will gather horseracing enthusiasts from the 13th January to the 21st July, while the Australian Racing Championship will take place at Royal Randwick on the 7th April, 2018. Whether you’re a fan of horseracing or not, you should attend at least one of the events to soak in the local spirit of Randwick.


Foodies’ haven

Your cosy Randwick getaway won’t be complete without a visit or two to local foodie spots. Whether you’re in a mood for a quick bite, a superb dinner or just a cup of rich coffee, everything will be a walking distance away. For a bite of organic treats, you should stop by the artisan bakery called Bake Bar, while at Four Frogs Creperie, you can have a taste of authentically delicious French crepes. As for more hearty meals, you can try Aussie’s take on Hungarian cuisine at the Corner 75 or go to the Jimbaran Restaurant for a traditional Indonesian feast. After exploring the local attractions, you can relax in a modern, eclectic ambiance of the Parc Café or end your day over some delicious cocktails at the Lil’ Darlin’ bar. You have so many options to fit into your weekend getaway, so you better move fast!


The spirit of the local markets

There’s something so energising and enchanting about local markets – there’s no better way to soak in the local spirit. And Randwick has more than a few markets that will simply charm you. You can mingle with the locals, have a taste of fresh produce coming from local farms and even try some of the local specialties. At the Royal Randwick Racecourse, you can visit the Fair Farmers Market every Sunday, where you’ll find around 50 stalls featuring local produce and homemade treats. So, if you want to explore Randwick like a local, this is a must-stop destination for your weekend getaway.


All things charming

Whether you want to explore local attractions or just go for a relaxing walk along the suburb’s streets, discovering its beauties as you go, there’s plenty of interesting and exciting things to do in Randwick. This includes the exploration of the Centennial Park, also known as the People’s Park, where you can cycle, go horse riding or simply relax over a movie at the Moonlight Cinema during the warmer months. The University of New South Wales is also open to exploration, featuring beautiful buildings, enticing sculptures and mesmerising art. Finally, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Randwick’s laid back coastal vibe, so head down to Coogee Beach for some beachside fun.

As the oldest suburb in Sydney, Randwick has a long and rich tradition behind it. However, it’s also known for its modern attractions and authentic local spirit that guarantee a memorable weekend getaway.


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