5 Foods To Try From New Zealand

Every country has some foods that they’re known for and that you simply must try when you visit. If you are heading to New Zealand the you have to try these 5 foods while you’re there in order to experience the true New Zealand.

  1. Chocolate fish – OK I know that this one sounds disgusting. Who puts chocolate and fish together? What was wrong with them? It was Cadbury so calm down people. This is actually a delicious chocolate-marshmallow bar which you can get as soon as you enter the country at Aelia duty free NZ!640px-TwochocolatefishImage Credit: DO’Neil, Wiki
  2. Whitebait Fritters – The whitebait fritter is considered one of the most popular ways of eating whitebait, the New Zealand delicacy. The fritter is best served hot, fried like an omelette with a squeeze of lemon and sprinkle of salt and pepper.640px-Whitebait_FritterImage Credit: Inanga, Wiki
  3. L&P – Lemon and Paeroa is a sweet soft drink which originated in the small town of Paeroa, NZ. The drink is made from lemon juice and carbonated mineral water and is a must try when visiting New Zealand.354px-Lemon_and_PaeroaImage Credit: Kristoferb, Wiki
  4. Hangi – Hangi is a traditional Maori method of preparing food, where it is slow cooked in a whole in a ground, buried under hot coals for hours. This technique of cooking produces mouthwateringly tender meat and is so delicious that there will be holes all around your backyard when you get home from trying to recreate the experience. 2544290299_4c899c5e85_z (1)Image Credit: Percita, Flickr
  5. Tuatua – Tuatua is a species of clam that is closely related to the Pipi, an Australian clam, that is native to New Zealand. The shellfish has been eaten by the Maori for centuries and is now a delicacy in New Zealand as there are restrictions on collecting the Tuatua, some as strict as only permitting people to gather 50 – 150 per day maximum.640px-Ohope_Tua_Tuas Image credit: Follash, Wiki


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