11 Out of the Box Dinner Locations

I have this ongoing joke with a lot of my buddies about finding date restaurants.

Its a joke because I haven’t been on a date since Barrack Obama’s first term as President.

In saying all that, here are a few places I’d love to take my imaginary friends to dinner.

1. Uluru, Australia

111532-575- Uluru Kata Tjuta

2. Krabi, Thailand

Krabi Thailand

 3. I’m on a boat

On a Boat

4) Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Waterfall Restaurant (Philippines)

5) Airplane Restaurant, England

BRITAIN - Plane Restaurant

6) Bank Vault Restaurant, Colorado


7) Cave Restaurant, Africa

Cave Restaurant (Africa)

8) Cardboard Restaurant, Taiwan

Cardboard Restaurant (Taiwan)

9) Dinner in the Sky, Brussels

Dinner in the Sky Brussels 2012

10) Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant Taiwan

11) Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant Maldives

Yep, definitely booking a flight round the world to visit all these crazy dinner places.

Did we leave anywhere insane off the list? Hit us up in the comments.


An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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