10 Food Items from Around the World that You Have to Try Before You Die

I’m a foodie.

I once drove forty minutes to a suburb I’ve never been to just because a buddy of mine told me they had nice chicken wings.

Hell, a big reason I returned to New York in January was because I had spent two years dreaming about the burgers from Shake Shack. I’m willing to go and far and wide for food.

Here is some food for thought:

1. Deep Dish Pizza (Chicago, USA)


Pizza has always been there for me. Its been a common factor throughout my life since the day we first met. It was there for my tenth birthday party, it was there that time I thought itd be a good idea to try and eat two in one sitting and it was there that time I answered the door without pants on.

Its always been there; the least I can do is board the 18.5 hour flight to visit the deep dish variation that its endorsers swear by.

2. Char Siu Bao (BBQ pork bun) (Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong)

Tim Ho Wan Char Siu Bao

You think you’ve had char siu bao before but you really haven’t.

Apparently the difference between your standard bbq pork bun and a bun from Tim Ho Wan is like the difference between driving your mother’s 1995 Camry vs a 2014 Ferrari.

I’m tired of the Camry; can someone please sponsor my trip to Hong Kong?

3. Kobe Beef (Japan)

Kobe Beef

The term marbling might confuse non-foodies. I’d like to clarify that it has nothing to do with a high stakes game of marbling where the loser has to refer to his teacher as ‘mummy’ for the rest of the week.

Marbled meat is meat that contains various amounts of intramuscular fat that gives it that ‘marbled’ appearance. Translation: It’s incredibly tasty when its marbled.

Kobe beef is the crown jewel of marbled meat and I’m ready to meet royalty.

4. Hainanese Chicken Rice (Hainan, China)


Bias alert! My family is from Hainan and the way they describe this dish is akin to the way I wax poetical about fried chicken.

I missed out on the opportunity to try this when I visited my extended family in Hainan because I was too busy suffering from culture shock and getting locked in toilets.

Yeah, that really happened.

5. Schweinshaxe (Germany)


I love pork than several members of my family.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that I just compared a number of people that love me to pork. This is not the case; I just really like pork.

6. Fish tacos (Mexico)

Fish Tacos

Tangent; it may not be the greatest South Park episode of all time, but it’s definitely one of the most memorable.

7. Peking Duck (Beijing, China)

Peking Duck

I’ve had this dish numerous times but its Wikipedia page informed me that I had been doing it wrong.

Apparently, the duck skin is supposed to be sweet. Not sweet as in ‘cool’ but sweet as in like candy.

What else have I been doing wrong my whole life?

8. Jerk Chicken (Carribean)

Jerk Chicken

I heard this type of chicken is the type to bully you if you have braces.

I still want to try it.

9. Chilli Crab (Singapore)



Someone once told me they preferred lobster over crab because crab was ‘too much work.’

We’re no longer friends.

10. Seafood Paella (Spain)

Seafood Paella

The thing that’s good about seafood paella is that its make-up is in line with my diet criteria.

I’m on a perennial see-food and eat it diet so this is perfect.


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