A Manly Guide to Dressing for a NYC Winter

  • December 19th, 2017
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I am currently exploring New York City with my partner. Being the “macho” man he is he didn’t properly prepare himself to be travelling from sunny Sydney to the colds of the New York winter. I’ve been intrigued by the trendy atmosphere of NYC, and have been asking around how men keep warm whilst looking effortlessly chic in line with the concrete jungle.

Embrace Winter

Sure it may be okay to be wearing thin layers in Australian winters; however in NYC it’s a whole different ball park. If you want to stay warm, just embrace winter, it is an awesome season to dress in style as it works well for guys any shape and size. Slimmer guys are given a chance to look buffer, but keep in mind of the materials when layering – as you wouldn’t want to be suffocating.

Effective Layering

NYC is freezing when you’re taking a stroll outside, but like any other modern city there is air-con, or in this case heaters everywhere you go. So layering is your best weapon when it comes to combating the winter here, while at the same time keeping cool underneath so many layers!

Your first layer should be as close and as slim as your body to ensure that you don’t form any further creases and folds as you continue to layer on clothes. E.g. a thermal or a tee.

The second layer would ideally be a shirt, long sleeve, or you could even skip to a jumper, cardigan, or knit depending on the weather. This layer is really going to make or break an outfit, as I’ve seen the most fashionable men of NYC layer it so matches both the layer underneath and over the top. Choosing what knit to pair with the outer layer can be challenging as it comes down to the styles, patterns, and colours available at hand.

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The last outer layer is a blazer, jacket or coat. Alike the middle layer, if it is extra chilly or for those special lavish occasions, wearing an overcoat on top of a jacket blazer would also work well. Though outerwear is a challenging topic among many as it is hard to stay away from those big bomber jackets and fur coats during the colder season – though the best option for manly attire is to opt for a medium-length pea coat or leather jacket. Having the design simple and elegant unless you really do fancy the parkas.

My partner only packed jeans for our winter getaway, and they were the perfect choice as they’re warmer if you have thicker denim. I would put away the skinny jeans as they stick too close to the body, and makes it difficult to retain heat.


In the concrete jungle, things can get a little monochrome and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of coats. So spruce up your look with scarves, gloves, boots, and colourful socks! Accessories are a simple way of putting some more personality in your outfits.

On those especially cold days, a scarf is the perfect way of adding warmth (and style). Men’s accessories are the attention grabbers in NYC whether they’re contrasting or complimentary colours they’ll surely draw the eyes of passer-byers.

These tips may sound a bit more extreme than the Australian winter, but like I said we’re in New York! Once you get here you’ll be able to see how seemingly effortlessly people are well dressed, trendy AND warm enough to brace the weather!


An adventurous traveller who simply wants to explore this incredible world we call our home. Originally from the States, she has recently moved to Sydney to enjoy the golden sandy beaches and friendly culture of the great Land Down Under.

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