12 pictures that will get your heart rate up!

These pictures are guaranteed to get your heart rate up!

From jumping out of a hot air balloon at 7000ft to crashing into an iceberg whilst standing at the top of the mast.

1. Skidiving into burning man


Image source BurningSky

2. Don’t slip!


3. 3000 feet up, about to base jump


4. Paragliding in Tahiti

GoPro Hero 3

Image source Redbull

5. Standing on the end of scaffolding in Moscow, Russia


Image source Marat Dupri

6. Sky diving into Zakynthos, Greece


Image source Redbull

7. Kayaking off Lower Mesa Falls, USA


Image source Redbull

8. The large fall from Big Banana Falls, Mexico

Red Bull Athlete Rafa Ortiz Runs the 128.6 foot tall Big Banana Waterfall in Vercruz Mexico.

Image source Redbull

Rafa Ortiz heads off the 128.6 foot tall Big Banana Waterfall in Vercruz Mexico

9. Sitting on top of a wave


Image source Redbull

Sean Woolnough sitting on top of a wave in Namotu Island, Fiji

10. Badass boat. And then you see him!


11. Wakeboarder edging on glass like water


Image source Wakeboarding Magazine

12. Freediving with humpback whales


Image source Imgur

13. Snowboarding in New Zealand


Watch the full video here:



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